Red Dot and Low Light


This course offered for the first time at The Calgary Shooting Centre will discuss the advantages and benefits of utilizing a Red Dot Sight (RDS) mounted on a pistol. The different aspects of using this sighting system vs using traditional sighting systems will be reviewed and practiced. Completing this course participants will become proficient using a red dot optic sight on their pistol. An in-depth discussion and hands-on experience of multiple Red Dot Sights will be covered. Participants will also learn how to properly acquire their target utilizing an RDS properly and efficiently.

The Low Light Pistol course introduces the use of Pistol Mounted Lights and handheld flashlight techniques, utilized with a drawn pistol, in a low-light environment. A multitude of Low-light shooting techniques are demonstrated and then practiced in this course. The course begins with a review and practice of a proper draw-stroke, followed by a proper presentation of the pistol to the target. This is then practiced in coordination with a Pistol Mounted Flashlight and hand-held lights. Both pistol-mounted and hand-held lights options are demonstrated and discussed in depth. The final section of the course involves live-fire practice in a low-light environment using the principles and practices taught for adjusting to and navigating in a low-light environment. Lighting conditions are progressively diminished and changed from front-lit to back-lit targets.

Dynamic Pistol Level 1

$350 + GST for members, $400 + GST for non-members.

2 days

What you will need:

  • An open mind
  • Comfortable closed-toe shoes
  • Serviceable combat pistol (not smaller than 9mm)
  • Double magazine pouch (or two singles)
  • Sturdy gun belt
  • Snap caps (dummy rounds)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Baseball style hat
  • Minimum of four magazines
  • Pen and notebook
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional)
  • 450 rounds of commercially manufactured ammunition
  • Red Dot Sight Capable or Equipped handgun and holster
  • Hand-held flashlight

For more information, please email [email protected].