Calgary’s Most Advanced Indoor Shooting Range

Calgary is now home to one of the most modern and technologically advanced ranges in North America.

Our goal is to make the shooting sports fun and accessible. Calgary Shooting Centre can provide training and team building opportunities for groups or individuals looking to experience the thrill of target shooting, acquire new skills or practice existing skills.

16-March-2014: Updates about Swiss Arms/Classic Green rifles.

Looking for a better club?
We believe that when you buy a membership for a range, you should receive the best facilities available, access to your facilities when you want it, and service from staff who are experts in their fields. Your range should also be a place where you can relax and meet with your friends. It’s your money and you deserve more for it!

Looking for a better gun store?
Calgary Shooting Centre has expert staff ready to help you with almost any project. We stock most major brands and even have a selection of military surplus and antique firearms. We offer competitive prices, a relaxing environment and you don’t need to worry about lineups!

Looking for a better gunsmith?
We have an expert European apprenticed gunsmith on staff to help with repairs, or gun fitting.

No license?
Not a problem, our expert staff can provide training and supervision and we have a large selection of firearms available for use. It is recommended that non members make a reservation to use the range, as priority of use goes to our members.

Looking for Training?
We have our own in house training cadre. We offer the Canadian Firearm Safety Course and can start you on the way to getting your own firearm license. Courses are scheduled every week and wait time is often less than two weeks. We also offer regular courses on rifle, pistol and shotgun use.