Range Safety Trauma Care

This course will center on assisting victims of firearm-induced trauma until an ambulance arrives. It has been designed from Range Safety Officer's perspective and is applicable to persons with no prior medical experience. This is not a traditional First Aid course. This class includes training on: safety and how to prevent injuries; moral laws; biohazard precautions; the physical and mental effects of adrenaline; communication; trauma kits vs. First Aid kits; scene safety; patient movement; assessments; proper methods to stop the top 3 critical firearm injuries (blocked airway, critical blood loss and Tension Pneumothorax); as well as the equipment you need to keep someone alive until medical assistance arrives.

We will cover:

  • Types of life threatening firearm induced injuries
  • Recognition and treatment of various life threatening injuries
  • Hand over to EMS
  • Trauma kits vs. First Aid kits
  • Breakdown and usage of trauma kit components
  • Proper stowage and placement of trauma kit
  • Hands-on application of recommended trauma kit
  • One-handed manipulation of the trauma kit
  • Securing injured person's firearm
  • Situational awareness while providing aid
  • Airway adjunct device placement
  • Application of tourniquets
  • Application of bandages and haemostatic agents
  • TCCC methodology

A portion of this course will be scenario based.

Equipment List:

  • An open mind.
  • Your current first aid kit or blow out kit if you have one.
  • A pair of pants to cut up or otherwise destroy.
  • Note taking materials (paper, pens or pencils).
  • Personal items (i.e. medications, etc)
  • WATER (lots and lots of water... stay hydrated to avoid fatigue and dehydration).