The Calgary Shooting Centre is a world class training facility that offers instruction and training for those with no previous training to the expert marksman. We have a dedicated class room for teaching and an indoor range to practice those skills.

For those without any previous training or experience we recommend you take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Our course will teach you the skills needed to safely handle, store and transport firearms in Canada and is a requirement to purchase a firearm or ammunition.

If you are already licensed and wish to practice your skills or take them to the next level we offer a series of dynamic courses.  Students build knowledge and skill in a series of intense two day courses for pistols, carbine and shotguns. Knowledge and skills build from previous lessons and all students must start with Dynamic Pistol Level 1.

Check out the course description to see the skills taught and the levels of progression:

In addition to these courses we offer other evening classes from time to time such as basic holster training, specialized knowledge sessions and more.

For more information, please email [email protected].